Galleria Heino 2010

Found objects and different observations relating to natural sciences, philosophy and history are often the starting point in sculptor Mikael Pohjola´s work. A study orientated perspective, where core questions are investigating the limits of knowledge, learning, thought and human existence, is also characteristic to Pohjola´s oeuvre. His latest works for this exhibition, Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, Departure, When my ship comes in and the ink and watercolour works of The Ages series, each depict according to their titles the current phase in thought and investigation of the world.

A thorough balancing between the material, the form and the content of the work is also characteristic to Pohjola´s art. From the thoughts, decisions, suggestions and forgetting leading to acting become, object to object, drawing to drawing, works that can together be called poems. A poem depicts an image, which is more than words, but there is no poem without words.

The works by Mikael Pohjola remind us of the good intensions of human kind and the multiple forms that pursuing happiness takes. Something that was once believed as faith is now known in the light of science as a law of physics, for example.

Kari Alatalo